Ten Secrets for Sales Failure

Use your PhD level vocabulary in discussions with prospects so you can impress them.

  • Speaking of PhD's make sure you use all your academic degrees after your name. Think of all the value they create for the potential client?
  • Never give a client your cell or home phone number. They can call you during business hours.
  • Never do free work for anyone – not even a non-profit. They have plenty of money and giving your work away is bad for business.
  • Entertaining potential clients is one sure way to make them feel like they owe you one.
  • When it comes to charging clients for expenses, if you schedule your time correctly you can see three clients in one trip and get paid full expenses from all three.
  • When a colleague asks you to collaborate on a project turn them down. They almost always want something for nothing and will waste your time.
  • Make closing sales your priority. In fact, study and practice all the ways to make someone feel like they can't say no to you.
  • Focus on winning because when it comes to selling – someone wins and someone loses.
  • The only reason to follow-up after a sale is to get a referral.
  • 3 thoughts on “Ten Secrets for Sales Failure”

    1. Here’s another one:
      Start your conversation with a prospect by saying, “I’m needing to…”
      Aside from the poor grammar, why should the prospect care what you need?
      (This just happened the other day. It was the latest of hundreds of calls from electric companies trying to get me to switch my billing).

    2. Bouncing off Jodi Kaplan’s entry:
      12. Be vague about what you actually do want the prospect to do, rather than saying something like “Does that sound interesting to you? How about if you download my article X at URL Y and we’ll talk in two hours?”

    3. @Jodi – companies habitually put people in front-line jobs who are least qualified. Most often because they don’t want to pay.
      @Mark – digital makes it easy for us to share information like your article and that is a great transition after you’ve listened and you’re ready to show that you heard them.

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