Test Everything

If you thought you were finished with testing once you graduated, it’s time to go back to school—not college, but the school of sales. Most salespeople assume what they’re doing, saying, presenting works because they think, feel or believe it does. Rather than testing an idea or process to see if it works, they make assumptions it does. Others rely on some sales guru’s guarantee something works. No matter where a process comes from or who tells you it worked for them, take their advice and process with a grain of salt and disbelief and test it for yourself. My methods and approach may work great for me, but a slightly or radically different approach may work better for you, or not. Test it and see.

Test everything. Test your sales script, your presentation, the order in which you present, the materials you use and even the approach you have to see what gives you the best results. Testing is how winners in every field from science to racing and medicine discover the best formula for all kinds of things. Your company may have certain protocols they demand you follow, but there’s always something you can alter, from your appearance, personality, follow-up or approach, that will let you test your sales approach.


“Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving.” ~ David Ogilvy

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