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Marketers used to say, "Never discount or give away your product or service because you are making it less valuable to people." I thought it made sense. Then one day, about 20 years ago, I met a guy at a party who told me he was in the software business and needed some marketing advice. It seems he had a bunch of software products that he sold for very high prices but he hadn't sold nearly as many copies as he thought he should.

The products were good but so were the competitions' and pricing was similar. Then he told me he actually made a lot more money from annual maintenance and upgrade fees than the actual product sale. I said, "Why don't you put the products into a suite, offer a highly discounted price for buying the entire suite, and then make your profits on annual maintenance and upgrades?" It seemed like a simple solution. The cost of the development had already been spent and having them sit on a shelf wasn't helping income. After discussing the pros and cons – that's what he did. And, it worked very well.

Can you give away your product or service and make money? I say yes, especially if it has a lot of high repeat business and/or back-end or add-on sales potential. There is probably no scarcity for what you sell. Lots of other people sell it too. But, you have your own remarkable, extraordinary, unique story about what you sell or how you deliver it or your service. It is important for you to make it easy for people to discover it!  And, you are also establishing the makings of a long-term, profitable, business relationship if you deliver what you promise.

It is easy for you to come up with a list of reasons why this won't work for you or your company.

But, what if a competitor comes up with a reason why it will work for them?

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