That’s Why They Call It Work

A client of mine, who manages about 25 employees, has a saying when someone complains about some part of their job. He says, "That's why they call it work." He always smile after he says it. He loves his job and yet he also knows that every job has some essential tasks that feel like "work."

As a small business owner or sales person, you have plenty of jobs that often feel like "work." But, we have to do them even if we find them dull or outside our comfort zone.

Sales and marketing don't come naturally to many business owners. But, you don't have a choice. You have to learn and practice them even if you eventually hire someone to assist you. Many owners hire someone much too soon to handle "marketing" for them. I think that's a big mistake. You're much better working with a good consultant with an excellent track record. And, I'm not saying that because I do consulting. I say that as a consultant who has seen too many companies bleeding red ink because the business owner outsourced their job as chief marketing and sales officer.

I hate accounting, financial reports, balance sheets and pretty much everything that a CFO loves. But, I never outsource it. I get professional advice from my accounts accountant but I also learn as much as possible about the finances of my own company.

If you're not an experienced sales and marketing professional and you want to start a business – get some professional advice.

  • Do it early – like before you open the door or borrow money.
  • Do it when you're still in the thinking stage.
  • Even if you're a one-person company.
  • Especially if you're a one-person company.

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