The Best Investment You Can Make Today

How many people do you know who never take another educational course once they finish high school or college? How many people do you know who never pick up a book again to read for pleasure?

I was lucky to have a mother who took me to the library every week from the time I could read. It’s been five decades now and I still enjoy investing my time in reading and self-development.

When is the last time you invested your time and money into your own self-development? The best return on any investment that I know of is an investment in yourself – your education – your continued development.

Take advantage of the opportunities out there. And, please, don’t just take courses that are meant to help you increase your material wealth. They have their place but learn to do things you’ve never thought of doing. Take up painting or fly tying or learn to speak a new language.

I watched two little girls playing in the park yesterday while their mother sat on a bench talking into her cell phone. She missed 99% of what the girls were doing and saying. All around me, I see people talking on their cell phones while wearing blinders to their own life.

Take the blinders off. Spend some time with yourself. The best investment is always one that you make in your self.

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