The Corpse – Part Two

A few days ago in a posting I stated, "Perhaps now is the time to allow these businesses to fail (just as Lehman was allowed to fail) and thus free up trillions of dollars to invest in an entirely new national initiative for the United States."

I was being a contrarian and I was curious what readers would say – nobody was pleased with the bailout. Some didn't want it to happen and said let the chips fall where they may. Most people were either confused and/or fearful. Some of the readers posted comments but more wrote me directly to have a conversation. One was in the process of applying for a mortgage but put the process on hold.

I am afraid that this bailout is necessary. The market reflects the feelings of the participants. If the majority are fearful, the market goes down. If the majority are upbeat, it goes up. Both ways often swing much more than makes financial sense. The point of the bailout is to buy time so investors get happy and start to buy again, banks begin to lend, and housing stabilizes. It is all about confidence.

Frankly, I believe that 99% of our politicians don't have a real clue as to what they are creating and whether or not it will work. But, they need to give the impression that they are doing something about the situation. Let's hope they actually do the right thing instead of creating a political solution for themselves. However, at this point in the process, it looks like they are being as political about it as possible.

Our country is in need of more than a bailout. We're in need of real leadership in our government, our corporations, our schools and even our homes. We've always been a nation of risk takers and innovators who were willing to work hard for the American Dream. When did we stop believing in that dream? When did "Dumb Become Smart?" When did it become a good idea to use credit cards as an answer for hard work?

We're overdue for a national initiative that will use the strengths, hopes and unique qualities of our citizens to rebuild our nation. It's time to find people who can lead us out of the national crisis which is bigger than today's financial mess.

It's time to stop borrowing and start building. Our country's greatest resource has always been our people. We need to put people back to work so that everyone sees that they can have the American Dream again.

A green economy would utilize American creativity, put people to work, give people hope for the future and, in the long run, save our home. We have all the pieces to make a green economy work – we just need the leaders and risk takers to step up.

T. Boone Pickens, a conservative, Texas, oil billionaire thinks we can do it.

So do I.

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