The Domain Name Mess

I found out last week that I can use domain mapping for this blog so I can use a name like instead of the… Actually, some fantastic people at TypePad are "tuning" my blog for me. I'll write more about that later.

When I found out I could use a name people could remember, I got online and checked the availability of It was available. I mean who else would register that domain. That was Friday, June 6th and I was rushing to get to a meeting and then my mom's birthday in Ohio.

Yesterday, when I got back from Ohio, I logged on to buy the domain. Yikes! It was registered on Friday, June 6th shortly after I had looked at it. What an amazing coincidence! Actually, it wasn't a coincidence at all. After contacting the company I've used for years to handle my domains, I found out that there are still plenty of sleazy types that watch the search traffic on WHOIS and then "camp" on a name when they see it come up.

The "system" for managing domains is a mess. I also heard yesterday that another company that provides domain registration is locking out the name for three days if you don't buy it when you make the search. I don't even know how they can legally do that. Like I said – the system is a mess.

So, what have I learned from this experience? If you search for a domain name and it is available you should buy it immediately if you think you will want to use it.

Meanwhile, it doesn't matter to me as I registered another name.

5 thoughts on “The Domain Name Mess”

  1. Hi, thanks for speaking about this things aloud.
    I had the same experience, and after a little Googleling I found this blog about the issue.
    You might want to read this about how Network Solution misuse their visitors search for avaliable domainnames:
    So if I was you I would think twice where I search and register domainnames.
    I myself use and
    I have not had any bad experienced with these two.
    Best regards,

  2. Network Solutions is the biggest offender and the company I referred to that locks people out. Your link is good reading and people register domain names should be aware of the practice. I have used GoDaddy but found I was getting way too many emails from them. I have never had a problem with
    The answer is to do your search at the site where you plan to buy and then buy it right away.
    Thanks for your comment.

  3. This happened to me several times when I was fannying around choosing names for my various websites. At first I thought it was coincidence and then ….. I realised that it just couldn’t be.
    I have been with Godaddy for two years and unlike Zapp who has received too many emails, I found them to be fine and certainly one of the cheapest options.

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