The Elephant In The Room

Most products and services have something negative about them – in the eyes of some people. Some people would look at a gas guzzling SUV and never buy it. Others don't see it as a gas guzzler but as something that provides them pleasure or peace of mind.

A drug promises to improve your sex life but it can also negatively affect your blood pressure and affect your vision. Some people buy it for what it does for them – others don't out of fear of what it could do to them.

How do you handle the negatives of your product or service? Sometimes it's the elephant in the room. Never talking about it makes you come off as disingenuous and untrustworthy.

The great marketer always finds a way to acknowledge the elephants and uses them to their advantage – and to build a trusting relationship.

Ignore the elephant at the risk of your own peril.

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