The Greatest Job In The World

Random thoughts about the sales process that have come up this week:

  • When you are in the middle of a sales meeting with a client, it isn't a good time to think about what you are there to accomplish.
  • I hate the entire concept of one-call-closing. I've worked with companies that use it and swear it is the only way they can make a profit on selling their product because more than one call makes the cost of sales too expensive. I don't buy that reasoning. Selling is about building trust and a relationship and few people have the ability to do that in an hour in someone's home. So what happens too often is the use of high-pressure, manipulative tactics and buyers remorse.
  • How often do you buy anything from someone who "cold calls" you? Yeah, that's about how often I do too. So, why are you still doing it?
  • Most salespeople will revert to their gut reaction during the actual sales call rather than what they were taught in the latest training class. There are several reasons for this but the two most important are they forget to focus on what it is they want to accomplish. Sure they want to sell something but you need to break your goals down to smaller steps. First, you need to establish rapport and find out if what you are selling even makes sense for this person/company. Then you move one goal at a time.
  • If you're focused on paying this months house or car payment while selling – you will fail. You have to focus on the customer. You have to provide value to them even in the sales call because the customer has already agreed to invest their valuable time with you. Even if you never do business with the prospective client, they have to feel like the investment of their time with you was a good one.
  • Never forget that a salesperson, even one working for an employer, owns their own business. That means you need to think like you're self-employed and an entrepreneur. Create your own website or blog for your customers. Provide valuable content for them that will enable them to do their job better, sell more of their products, be more productive and they will come to you rather than you having to "sell" them.
  • It isn't your job to sell everyone. But, it is your job to treat everyone with respect and appreciation. 
  • A long time ago I heard a salesperson say, "Nothing happens until someone sells something." It was true then and it still is today. Human beings would not have survived this long if they hadn't learned how to sell their ideas, dreams, products, and services. You've got the greatest job in the world. Enjoy it!

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