The Greatest Sales Secret



I’m going to share with you the Greatest Sales Secret I know. Are you ready? You might want to sit down as this could be shocking.

Treat your customers with respect, honesty, integrity, and the kind of love you have for your best friends.

Do you feel let down by my greatest secret? Did you find yourself saying, “But, Bob, that isn’t a secret. Everyone knows that.”

My question to you is, “If everyone knows it why isn’t everyone in business doing it?” In fact, “Why are so few companies doing it?”

How about you? Do you treat your customers this way? Tell me how you do it.

Tell me why everyone doesn’t? I really want to hear from you about this.

If everyone knows that it is much better and cost effective to keep your current customers than to find and sell new ones, then why don’t companies spend more time and money treating their customers with respect, honesty, integrity, and the kind of love you have for your best friends.

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2 thoughts on “The Greatest Sales Secret”

  1. Bob, I think people don’t listen because they “know” that what they have to impart is so important, they don’t want to miss that window of opportunity. So they just talk. That applies in the case of new prospects. As for listening to current customers, I fear some sales people may be too quick to move on to the prospects and neglect showing the love to those already on the customer list.

    1. Welcome Elaine! I know what you mean. Even now I sometimes have to stop myself and say “Listen!” as a client explains something I’ve heard before. I know each person’s situation is different and it’s so important to let them know you understand them.

      We always want to tell our own story because we know it is the answer!

      Great point! Thank you for posting.

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