The Lizard Brain Can’t Stop You – Unless You Let It

I know. Where have I been. Why have I cut back on the number of weekly posts. I've been getting asked that

There is lots going on. That's not an excuse. Here's what is happening. By cutting back some here, I've been working to develop:

  • A new website for all my stuff.
  • A new blog to replace the one you are reading.
  • A new book that I want to ship by year end.
  • A new monthly newsletter that will be free and have regular contributors you'll love.
  • Some new podcasts.
  • And, some new videos.
  • A new client where we are launching a brand new company.
  • Listen First-Sell Later was chosen as a Book of the Month by a private company and they bought a copy for all 3,500 employees. (Actually, this part didn't take much of my time but I had to tell you.)

And, here I was always told you slow down when you hit your sixties. HA!

I'm having way too much fun to slow down now! Stick around for the next chapter.

And, here is a link to a short animated video from two good friends and co-conspirators. Martin Whitmore and Paul Durban are two of the most creative people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. They put together an animation to explain the Lizard Brain. It ties in with Seth Godin's book – Linchpin.

Click Here to Watch

Why should you watch? Because you might learn something about yourself that could change your life or how you live. Is that reason enough?

You might also get an idea for your own animated video in which case you need to contact Marty and Paul. Go to Blazonfire to see more when you're done.

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