The Most Difficult Person to Listen to In The World

Getting that top name business school MBA education will all help you understand the A, B, C's of business. Call it the science of business. Having previous experience at a top company, creating your solid business and marketing plan, and being surrounded by good advisers and employees will all help you to be successful in your business.

But it sure won't guarantee success.

You can reduce the chance of failure with all these things but business is not a science. It is an art. Being successful in business requires you to be flexible and open to constant change. It means you have to listen to the possibility that your plan isn't going to work because things have changed in the last few weeks – or hours.

Business moves too fast and you won't have time to compare it to the plan and the advisers won't always be there or even be right. Those good employees are now looking toward you for leadership.

That's why listening with your heart and not just your brain is so important for truly great business leadership. Your heart – your instincts will show you the way. Sometimes it won't be the way you originally planned.

When that happens the most difficult listening has to take place.

Now you have to listen to yourself.

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