The Most Overlooked Sales Quality

Following up on my column of the other day and the importance of empathy in sales and marketing, I want to identify and discuss what I believe is the most overlooked quality or ability in the exceptional sales person.

Most sales managers will tell you they look for high drive, self-starting ability and achievement – and those are all important qualities. I've touched on the very high importance of personal integrity here before.

But, the one quality that isn't that hard to identify is the one that keeps people from becoming extraordinary. It is the ability to consistently follow-up – to do what you say you'll do. Some sales people never do it. I've bought 4 homes in my lifetime. Only once did the sales agent follow up with a housewarming gift. Why didn't the other four do it? Simple. It was a sellers' market and they didn't think they needed to invest in the relationship when they had all the buyers they needed.

Can you imagine how many referrals and additional sales they have lost over the years by not following up and saying thanks?

Last night I heard a story of a professional who is leaving the commercial world to take a PhD teaching position. He'll be teaching new students who want to join him in his profession. In his last job, he needed to follow-up with paperwork and reports for the clients he was serving. Instead, he cashed his last check and left town for the new job.

Would you want this so-called professional teaching your children? What kind of ethics does the man have? Not only can't he keep his word, he can't follow-up, and he basically stole his last check from his employer. Too bad he's already hired. Obviously the university that hired him didn't do a very good job checking references.

You'll get an idea about what kind of follow-up your prospective sales reps when they follow-up with you. I always try to get them telling me about something they recently read and then I tell them I'd love a copy of the article, etc. Their actions will tell you a lot after that conversation.

I know a young couple who are both in sales. They got married a year ago and I never got a thank you note for the nice gift I sent. I finally asked someone else who attended since maybe my note got lost. It turns out these two professional marketers never sent any out.

Would you hire either one of them?

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