The Salesman Wore Plaid

Imagine for a few minutes that you want to know how to sell – better. You're not a professional salesperson. In fact, you share a negative worldview of salespeople with millions of other people. In your mind, you see a guy in a plaid coat using manipulative techniques to sell you a used automobile. Or, the life insurance saleswoman who tries to make you feel badly for not buying more insurance than you want.

As a result, the idea of seeing yourself as a salesperson creates an internal conflict. You don't want to manipulate people into buying. And, you've never been fond of plaid. So, how do you learn to sell when most of the books talk about things like tactics, buyer receptivity, cold calling and closing techniques?

First, remember that you want to communicate with another human being. Your prospect, buyer, customer (whatever term you like) is more like you than not. They don't want to make a mistake. They don't want someone to take advantage of them. They don't want to make a decision and then have everyone else upset with it. And, they don't want to feel pressured into doing something they aren't ready to do. I bet at least one of these phrases describes you when you're the buyer.

So, remember one thing. That's all – just one thing.

Focus on providing extraordinary value. That's it.

If you do that you won't feel like you're operating outside your area of comfort. And, you won't have to be concerned with tactics and techniques. Pretend you're dating and you want to engage this person in a conversation. The buyer will know that you care and they will stop worrying.

And, then you can both determine if it makes sense to work with each other. 

Without manipulation. 

And, without wearing plaid.

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