The Two Bases

People need a reason to do business with you. And, not just when you make them an overwhelming offer. You want them to not even think of the competition or doing business with anyone else because they have a personal relationship with you.

I drive over 20 minutes to my dry cleaners passing at least 8 other cleaners. They are in an area where I have no other business or personal reason to travel so it becomes a 40 minute round trip to only buy from this particular store. I first chose them over ten years ago because I lived near them. But, I moved eight years ago.

I keep going to them because I have a relationship with the husband and wife owners. They also deliver fantastic service. They remember my birthday. They go the extra step to service me. One time I needed a suit and I found out they were closing before I could get there. No problem. They offered to bring it to me. The next time I went into the store, the wife said "We had no idea you drive so far to us. We are going to give you a discount on all your cleaning from now on."

I would feel guilty going to someone else.

Some businesses have customer bases. Some businesses have relationship bases.

One base will allow you to grow, to be profitable, and to be uninfluenced by economic downturns.

Which one do you have?

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