The Water Cooler Hangout Has Changed!

What's life without change? The same goes for my blog. It was time to update a few things as you can probably see by looking at it.

I have added a very stylish banner to the top to better illustrate the Water Cooler. Any similarity to persons living or dead is only a coincidence. The banner was done by Martin Whitmore from Austin, TX and the land of zombies.

I also decided to go with a 3 column layout so you could see things more easily and not have to scroll quite as much. I decided to add a recommend books section. It won't be large but there are a number of great books that I read every month and I'll be posting them here. You can actually purchase them by clicking on the book cover.

What do you think? Do you like the new look? Hate it? Don't care?

Lastly, I am going to be inviting guests to post once in a while. And, I'll be adding videos in the very near future.

Thanks for being part of The Water Cooler Hangout! The best is yet to come.

4 thoughts on “The Water Cooler Hangout Has Changed!”

  1. Bob, I love the new look, it’s fun!
    And, well done, Martin! You should be doing this kind of stuff for a living!

  2. I love the design, but I would have missed it since I normally follow my blogs through Google’s reader and rarely go to the actual site.

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