The World Needs More Heretics

I spoke with a very professional customer service supervisor at Comcast today. I called them and asked for a supervisor since my three phone calls over the last three months, which I thought had resolved my problem, had not resolved it.

Readers may remember I switched, with great trepidation, to Verizon FIOS back at the end of July. I had already paid my Comcast invoice for August which meant that Comcast now owed me money. I assumed I'd get a check the following month – September.

Instead, I got another bill with late charges on it. I called them and they told me that I was correct, I had a credit balance and they would take care of it. I then promptly forgot about them – until yesterday when I got a new invoice from Comcast saying I am now two months overdue. I also got a recorded message today stating they were coming out to disconnect the service on Friday and I'd better let them know if I didn't want it disconnected.

So, I called and asked for a supervisor. She said I was correct – that they owed me $111 and they would be sending it to me as soon as they PERMANENTLY disconnected the service at the pole. I asked for clarification. She said they had continued to bill me each month since the service was not permanently disconnected from the pole. I told her there are no poles and all the wiring is underground. I then said let's assume there is a pole.

Are you saying you have continued to send me statements which say, "Your account is seriously past due and the payment must be made immediately to avoid service interruption." because you have not disconnected it at the pole. "Yes, that is correct. I know it must sound confusing." I said, "No, it sounds ludicrous." I just couldn't help but laugh. She than reassured me that they had stopped billing me on August 1st. I said no you haven't. I have the bills in front of me. She said, "I mean we have stopped charging you but the bills keep getting printed and mailed until we permanently disconnect the service."

I'm still laughing.

Please promise me that when your small business grows to be a big business – you won't ever, ever let anything this stupid happen in your company.

That supervisor – I hope she hung up the phone with me and says, "I can't have that kind of a conversation ever again." I hope she isn't sheepwalking and happy with the status quo. I hope she finds a place where she can have some freedom. Because when you hire great people and give them freedom, they will do amazing things. It isn't going to happen at Comcast.

But, it can happen wherever you are. The world needs more heretics.

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