There are Two Types of People in the World

There are two types of people in the world:

The type that walks their dog and never picks up after it.
And, the type that cleans up after their dog plus someone else’s.

The type that never sees the pedestrian waiting to cross the street.
And, the type that stops and smiles and waves while they cross.

The type that always parks their car blocking the front of the store in the no parking zone.
And, the type that knows they’re not so important as to endanger others.

The type leaves their garbage where they drop it.
And, the type that picks it up.

The type that never makes eye contact and lives in fear.
And, the type that smiles and says “Good Morning” to strangers on the street.

The type that blares their music, lets their dogs bark for hours, and won’t stop if you ask.
And, the type who invites their neighbors over and watches out for them and their family.

The type that forms an opinion and then belittles anyone who disagrees.
And, the type that waits until they hear all the facts before they form an opinion.

The type that always has to interrupt the discussion
And the type that listens, learns, and then speaks.

Which type are you?

2 thoughts on “There are Two Types of People in the World”

  1. Great post. I also believe there are two types of people in the world…
    …those who divide people into two types…
    …and those who don’t.

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