They’re Clients, Not ATMs


It bothers me to hear salespeople talking about clients as though they were just wallets and a payday on legs. Instead of concentrating on their clients’ problems and how they can solve them, they focus on how much of the company’s budget they can get, and how big a contract they can lock in. The customer becomes an ATM, not a person. Revenues and contracts, not client satisfaction, start to drive their goals. Clients can sense this and the more they feel like you’re just punching their buttons for a payday, the less likely they are to trust you.

Before you start obsessing about the balance in your client’s budget, you should consider obsessing about the solutions in your toolbox of services and products. No one wants to be your cash cow unless you’re their bottomless feedbag.

“Money is usually attracted, not pursued.” – Jim Rohn

Illustration compliments of peryka72

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