They’re Waiting For Your Story

Listen Now – Sell Later® – I’ve written about the importance of listening to your customers and prospects many times. I even created a selling system around it. The system focuses on finding out what your customers and prospects want and need.

But, what if they don’t really know what they want and need – what if they can’t imagine the possibilities?

Henry Ford said that if he had asked prospects what they wanted when he was creating his vision of the automobile they would have told him they wanted “a faster horse.”

Politicians ask the voters what they want relative to the energy catastrophe and people say cheaper gasoline. They can’t envision the possibilities. What if the politicians asked, “How would you like to have a Clean Energy System?” This is how Thomas Friedman describes such a system in his book “Hot, Flat, and Crowded.”

First, you need to know that roughly 40% of America’s total CO2 emissions come from emissions from the production of electricity used in homes, offices, and factories. Another 30% comes from cars, trucks, boats, trains and airplanes.

Friedman states, “If we could electrify all of our transportation fleet, save for airplanes, and make all of them, and our buildings too, vastly more energy efficient at the same time – and then supply this whole 70 percent, buildings and transportation, with clean, abundant, cheap, reliable electrons through a smarter grid – that would be a revolution.

But, right now people can’t and won’t answer the politicians question like that. The idea is too abstract and they haven’t been told the story of why they should want such a thing. They haven’t been told that it is possible to create right now with American innovation. Many of the pieces are ready to be put into place.

The fact is they have been told more stories of why they should continue to continue the production of carbon dirty energy production subsidized by our government and owned by petrodictators. They are told these stories by people within our own country and the petro-dictatorships who have a vested interest in keeping the current system. They are doing a better job – at least in the US – of telling their story.

It is all about telling your story. You have a story to tell too. To be successful you need to tell it. Don’t wait for other people to tell it for you. Nobody tells it like you do. Don’t let your competitors tell it because they will be telling it with their own interests at heart.

Within your story there will be one point that you can’t stress often enough. It will be the one thing that when someone hears your story you want to make sure they take away with them. Do you know your "one thing?"

You only need a simple marketing plan and an even simpler business plan. Don’t spend too much time on the name of your company, the logo design, the company mission statement and all the other gobblygook that the business books and schools tell you that you must have.

You need your story. Start a fire with it – one that burns your story into the hearts and minds of the people who want to hear it – who need to hear it. They are out there waiting for you now.

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