Think Like a Five-Year-Old

I've been thinking about fishing lately – quite a bit in fact. My great aunt took me fishing when I was five-years-old for the first time in Marietta, Ohio. She'd bait up a hook and have me drop it down the wall of an old lock or canal. Within a couple of minutes the bobber would go under the water and I'd jerk the rod up and I'd almost always have a fish. It was usually a bluegill or sunny. Once in a while a catfish would surprise me.

There are plenty of analogies of sales to fishing – patience being the first one that some people talk about. However, have you ever seen a patient five-year-old? I don't know if any exists. 

So here's a sales idea – get creative and impatient like a five-year-old. Rather than spending all your time doing sales planning and creating strategy for landing a whale; why don't you try fishing where there are lots of fish? If you're not catching em' where you're fishing why not move, check the bait, change it, or try a different technique.

Sure, I would have loved to have caught a whopper back then. But, I was a lot more happy with activity – lots of it. And, I caught more fish than the adults who were always trying to find the one "big fish." Over the years I learned that by having a line always in the water, I'd also catch more whoppers than most people.

I learned then that there is no substitute for activity. You can do all the planning you want – both sales and fishing, but you're only going to catch a fish and close a sale with lots of actual fishing. From a sales perspective, that means getting out of the office and spending lots of time with customers and prospective customers. It means adjusting your selling to what people want and need and not just trying to sell them what you want to sell.

Sales and fishing – I love them both. I might love teaching "how" even more. The weather is starting to finally get warm around here and I'm getting ready to take my 2 1/2 year-old grandson fishing for the first time.

I've got a red and white bobber all ready for him.

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