This Too Shall Pass

Yesterday, I spoke to a friend who didn't have the slightest idea what was going on in the world right now – other than he could give me hourly stock market updates. He's fixated on the stock market and all he sees around him now are problems and danger. He's a small business owner.

I also read a blog posting yesterday by someone who claims to be an expert in email marketing. She started out by stating "With the economy plummeting, you are probably cutting back your marketing budgets in a big way." I assumed she'd continue by telling people why that is a really stupid idea.

Nope. She went on to explain how you should tune up your email messages. I have no issue with tuning up your email but to assume that people have or should cut back on their marketing "in a big way" is extremely shortsighted.

I think her message should have been, "People and companies will spend money in tough economic times – but they need to see, hear, and feel something new. The same old story isn't going to work. The person with the better, new, and passionate story is going to win. So you can either have faith and get your story out there – or you should crawl into a cave.

At a particularly difficult time during my time in the US Navy, I received a letter from my father. My father was a man of few words but this time he included a story about a man who had gone through one extremely difficult trial after another in his life. But, he kept getting back up and he never climbed into the cave or quit – even though he had more than enough excuses. When he finally passed away his friends (he had no family) found a Latin inscription that he had carved into a beam above his favorite chair. It had been carved so he could see it from his chair and it was in Latin.

I don't remember the exact Latin words but the translation has always stayed with me.

This too shall pass.

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