Tim Brownson has Lost His Mind – Well Just a Little Bit

IStock_000009464182XSmall My friend and colleague, Tim Brownson, one of the top life coaches in the world, has gone a little round the bend. However, it is actually your gain as he has decided to give away free copies of his eBook, "Don’t Ask Stupid Questions – There Are No Stupid Questions." He apparently is also giving away his house but that's a different story.

I'd give you all the background information here but quite frankly it is a treat to read anything Tim writes so I suggest you click here to go to his blog and read about the book and how to download it. It is really free with no catches.

Tim has one of the best developed senses of humor that I have ever tripped across. And, he uses it to not only entertain you but to teach you as well. Clever rascal!

You can also spend $14.99 on Amazon and buy the hard copy if you're so inclined. Tim has a great deal for companies who might be looking for a nice gift for employees or customers this time of year. He will sell you a case of the hardback books (35) for the crazy price of $97 plus media mail shipping of about $11 bucks. (I told you he's gone round the bend.) That's less than $3 a copy saving you over $400 on a great gift. Hurry though as he only has a few cases left at this price. When they are gone the only way to buy it will be from Amazon.

If you decide to buy the case to give away as gifts, please mention my name to Tim. If you buy a case, he promises to send me a monkey from his back yard in Orlando. (I don't think it is a monkey. Tim is from England and he thinks an opossum is a monkey. On second thought, don't mention my name.)

Oh, one last thing. Tim's most recent book is called, "How to Be Rich and Happy." He co-wrote it with John Strelecky. John, by the way, has been honored alongside Oprah Winfrey, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, and Lance Armstrong as one of the 100 Most Influential Thought Leaders in the field of leadership and personal development. Yep, it's a great book. I think it is more like a course or a program for life than a book. You'll understand when you get it. It's already facilitated some major changes in my life.

And, that my friends and readers is why I wrote this post. If it weren't for the fact that I know Tim and John's work to not only be outstanding but that it also has the potential to change your life as it has changed mine – you wouldn't be reading this.

Thank you.

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