Time is Money; Get Down to Business Right Away

 time is money

Once upon a time in this country people had time to catch up, shoot the breeze, gossip and reminisce before getting down to business. It was even rude to start talking business before exchanging niceties. With more and more companies cutting staff and doubling up on tasks, many decision makers are doing the work of two and three people. Too often there isn’t time (until you’ve established a relationship) to make sales calls that last for a social hour.

Many corporations are telling their people, “Time is money and it’s important to get down to business right away.” So take your cue from your customers. Do they prefer to remain standing when they talk? Do they prefer email to phone conversations? Are their emails short and to the point? Do they keep their phone conversations short—less than three minutes? Then do the same. Don’t call just to chat or “see what’s new,” and don’t email them with vague newsletters that don’t contain useful, critical information. They’ll just get in the habit of deleting your letters because they’re time wasters.

If you have a customer who still enjoys the personal relationship, then indulge them. But don’t assume everyone values the same thing. For some time is money, for others money is time.

“Time is money,” ~Benjamin Franklin

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