Time to Get Unglued

From what I understand people are mailing less and less letters using the postal service. Seems like email took care of that the way Craig's List took care of newspaper classified ads. And, if you live in Philadelphia, there is a chance you're going to get mail this week that could be a decade old – another reason why people have stopped using the post office.

Here's what I really don't understand. Since everyone (and I mean everyone) knows that the art of sending a paper letter is rapidly becoming obsolete, why do so many charities and non-profits continue to send return address labels as an incentive or thank you for a donation?

I decided to start keeping all the ones I get to see how they might add up. Here's a photo of a pile of them  on my office floor. By the way, that is Max who walks into the frame 99% of the time when he sees a camera. And, Toby the Cat thinks he is hiding in the upper corner since his head is covered.

These organizations send me these labels with a letter asking me to donate to their charity or cause. Many of them are environmental organizations which makes me wonder how they justify papering the country with more paper. I checked them out and these labels were made from paper that used to be a tree.

What exactly do you do with thousands of address labels? And, why are companies still selling labels when the non-profits in this country are willing to give you all you want for free?

Here's what I really think. I think the people that run these organizations send out millions of labels soliciting donations because that's what they've always done.

I understand that many non-profits are having a difficult time in raising funds the last few years. They blame the economy.

Maybe it's time to find a different way to engage with potential donors. Save the cost of your next label mailing and sit down with someone like Gail Bower who can help you understand that while you call us donors we're also your customers.

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