Too Much Information

I'm finding lately (lately meaning in the last couple of years) that if I don't read something when I have the first opportunity to read it – I seldom get around to it again. I used to save things written by my favorite writers until later so I could savor them at just the right time. But, just the right time is getting to be very elusive for me.

I don't recall experiencing this 20 years ago. Is it because I read less then or were there more moments of just the right time back then? Or is there just so much more information to try and absorb today?

I don't have an answer to these questions.

Do you experience this? What's your solution?

Starting right now I am going to run an experiment and read things right away.

Or, not at all.

But, I'm not going to save them to enjoy at a later time.

At least not the first time.

2 thoughts on “Too Much Information”

  1. I do not necessarily read everything as I get it, this blog for example, I am responding days after you wrote it. But, I do ‘flag’ emails and hold on to magazines, etc. to read at a later time. There is so much more out there now that is accessible via the computer/interview/ebooks, etc…..just need to make the time!

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