Touched By A Satellite

Today is the first in a series of podcast interviews with CEO’s, company founders, entrepreneurs, and freelancers engaged in building and managing their own small business. I hope that by listening to their stories you may get some ideas for your own company plus be inspired by them. They are all successful and love what they do so sit back and hit the play button.

If you’re in a place where you can’t listen and prefer to read a transcript of the interview, I have that for you too. Just click here to be taken to a complete transcript of today’s conversation.

I am fortunate today to interview a gentleman from Lexington, KY who has built a company that is the leader in terrestrial and satellite data transmission for Point of Sale, ATM, and Electronic Funds Transfer. EchoSat was formed as a division of Tower Communications, Inc., and founded by CEO, C. L. “Lee” Rutherford.  EchoSat is in the second generation of private ownership. Lee still remains active in the management of EchoSat but is assisted by a hand-picked, dedicated team of individuals and two of his three sons.  Each team member addresses challenges and solutions with one thought in mind – “Our name and reputation rides on every product, service and solution we provide.”

EchoSat was originally started as a one-way only satellite group.  They provided many large national retail chain outlets with customized radio networks.  Their most recognizable work was the creation of KMART Radio, the Kmart Radio Network featured in all Kmart stores.

Lee has an amazing story that I think you will enjoy.


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