Try Changing the Picture

probably heard how you’re supposed to learn from the past and plan for the future
but live in the now. It’s a great idea but I have found that the ‘now’ isn’t
always working for me.

When that
happens, I find that I usually need to change the
picture. For example, if I’m stuck or not happy with sales or business results,
I find that like a movie that isn’t working, I need to change the scene, the
actors, or most likely – the director – myself!

to “film” the same scene over and over again without making any changes is
likely to continue to get me the same results. Expecting it to get me a different result is one definition of insanity.

One of
the best ways to be able to “see” what needs to change is to literally walk
away from the “movie set” for the day and do something different. Do something you
just haven’t had time to do or something you wouldn’t normally do.

Take a
long hike, go swimming in an icy lake, go to a comedy club – just go do it.
And, then afterwards when you’re relaxed and feeling good about yourself, ask
yourself what needs to change. Go to someone you can trust will be honest with you and ask them for feedback about how you can change and what needs to change. Make sure whoever you ask knows you want to hear the truth and that you can handle it.

So when
you’re not happy, when the “now” just isn’t working, when you know that “this”
isn’t what you want – try changing the picture. 

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