Trying Harder Is Way Overrated

"You've got to try harder!" IStock_000004032408XSmall

"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!"

Ever hear those kinds of words? I'll bet most of us had at some time in our life. Most of us heard them for the first time when we were kids.

Humans are very obstinate and headstrong when it comes to doing something and it doesn't work. Kids often get punished when their parents or teachers think they aren't trying hard enough. We learn to keep on trying harder and longer and more often.

What if you took the approach that if something isn't working for you that it might be time to try something else? Think about it. If you already know that something isn't working then anything else has a better chance of being successful. Now apply this thinking to your sales and marketing.

Try, try again only has a chance of working if you are trying something different.

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