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In a previous life, I was very into golf and belonged to an excellent member owned golf club. It wasn't a country club. We didn't have a pool and we tore out the tennis courts. It was a club for golf. But, we did have an excellent clubhouse, chef and extraordinary golf and house staff. As a result, I did 95% of my business meetings at the club. Alas, that was in Sewickley Heights, PA and now I'm 300 miles away in Bucks County, PA.

Recently, I found a restaurant I like that is located in an upscale, boutique hotel not too far from my home and office. I've used it numerous times now as my new "club." It's not private and that doesn't matter. In fact, it really is a lot better as I'm not paying dues to belong.

However, I've been making a point to meet the staff and let them know what a great job they do. I've also let them know that I want to make them my preferred place for meeting and entertaining clients. I hope they get the idea and see the long-term potential. They seem like hospitality pros so I think this is going to work out. The hotel also has upscale dining if we want to ratchet things up a notch. 

Why should you want to make a restaurant your private club? Well let's see:

  • You'll be treated with preferred seating and service.
  • They will greet you by name (and your guests if you let them know ahead of time.)
  • The staff will treat your guests like they are also members of the club.
  • The staff will stock wine and alcohol you like for your guests.
  • If you share a special recipe with the chef, she might name the dish after you and put it on the menu.
  • Here in Utah Pennsylvania we can't get lots of boutique wines as we still live under a political state owned store system that keeps the pockets of our state pols filled with beaucoup jack. Your club restaurant will allow you to have your own locker where you can keep your favorite wines.
  • If you want something special, they will find a way to do it for you.
  • If you are female and entertaining you'll always feel safe in your club whether entertaining or dining alone.
  • The restaurant staff will also feel like they are part of something special. And, I bet service in general will get better and better. Make sure you let management and owners know they are your club too.

Okay, that's it for today. Bohemian Rhapsody is playing in my office and my fingers are moving on the keyboard in time. Amazing stream of consciousness lyrics. I'd like to hear it playing at the bar of my club.

What will yours be playing?

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