Turn It Into A Fund Raiser So Everyone Wins

How do you get free media coverage for your company while having other people sell your products or services? You might think about doing what a health club I worked with did one year.

Every year they would conduct a big membership campaign. They always bought radio commercials and placed print ads in the local newspapers. They also had to pay their staff extra for all the hours they needed to staff for walk-ins and appointments. And, they got about the same number of new members every year. It worked for them but they were looking for another way.

We decided to turn their membership campaign into a fund raiser!

Here’s a thumbnail sketch of the idea and the process:

  1. The health club charged an initiation fee of $100 (which was really part of the staff’s compensation). We decided to give that $100 away.
  2. We learned that the most active civic organization in town was a group that raised money for college scholarships. Their primary method was a hoagie sandwich sale they conducted a few times a year.
  3. We learned from them that if we gave them the $100 from each new membership, they could easily double or triple what they made on hoagies.
  4. We offered them the $100 initiation fee if they would staff the club and sell the memberships for the campaign. They accepted and we now had a sales force of over 150 people.
  5. We helped them contact the local media with news of how they were conducting a fund raiser in conjunction with the health club to give away scholarships. The media loved the story and we got lots of free coverage including television. They even followed the campaign with updates on the progress.
  6. The service organization sold four times the usual number of memberships. Plus, many of them also joined as first time members.
  7. My client got more members than ever at a lower cost per member and were viewed by the public as doing something great for the community. The service organization made more money for scholarships than they ever had and with less work. And, more kids got college scholarship money. 
It was a Triple Win marketing program!
I will bet that you can do the same type of thing with a little creative thinking.

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