Turn Off the Email and Pick Up the Telephone

What would you do if you opened up your email box tomorrow morning and
it was empty? You'd probably assume the email server or the ISP is
having problems. But, what if everything technically was working? What
if it were true that nobody sent you any email in the last 24 hours?

Would you say Hallelujah and have an extremely productive day? Would you quickly compute the amount of time you'll now be able to devote today toward – oh, how about that exercise program you keep promising to start? Or, would you start sending emails to a few friends and ask them to send you a test email just to make sure things are working.

I have many people who tell me they get an average of 150 or 200 or 300 emails a day. They say it with an eye roll and a sigh – but I always wonder why they tell me how many they get. It is always unsolicited information on their part usually during a discussion about the workplace.

I think they protest too much. I have come to believe that some people attach a level of self-worth to the number of emails they get. If you get hundreds of emails you must be very important. Right? Here's a program I use with clients that will actually make you feel good. More importantly – it will make your clients and customers feel good about you and your company.

  • Take one day a week and unplug from your email. (If you feel yourself getting anxious at that idea, start with every other week first.) Use the auto-response feature of your email program that will automatically let everyone who sends you an email that day know that you are "unplugged" and will be responding to emails tomorrow. Tell them they can phone you if it is urgent and include your phone number.
  • Next – pick up the telephone and call the top ten or top ten percent of your clients. Tell them that you want to know if you and your company are doing a good job for them. Ask them how you could do an even better job. Ask them if they were in your shoes, what would they do to provide better (whatever it is you sell) for the customer.

That's all there is to it. And, yet nobody does this. Too many people hide behind their voice mail and use email with clients so they can avoid talking to them How crazy is that!

So, go ahead. Shut down the email for one day and then pick up the phone. Even better, get a headset so you can keep on dialing and talking. Set a goal of a certain number of people you want to reach. Yes, you'll get a lot of voice mail but leave a message and I bet you'll get a call back. And, then have that conversation using the questions above to get started.

Keep track for the next few months what happens with the customers that you called. See if business doesn't increase. See if they don't send you referrals. And, after you have computed the numbers – send a check to your favorite charity with some of the increased $'s this is sure to produce.

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