Turn Them Into Marketers

For years I have believe and counseled others that it is far easier to get an audience with the top executives of a company than a middle manager. I always started with the CEO and it was always for the purpose of learning. I ask their advice and I always leave them with something of value even if we don't do business right away.

More often than not middle managers never returned my calls. The attitude I encountered is that they were busy and they didn't want to add to their workload. It was easier to ignore someone unless the order came from above.

Today everyone has the ability to make a difference to your company – both positive and negative. Google Dell Hell to see a negative. It used to be that an unhappy customer would tell 10 people about their experience. Now they tell 10,000 or 10,000,000. Customers have always wanted to be treated with respect and they rewarded companies that understood that.

If you are a middle manager today and ignoring those phone calls and in-bound communications, your days are numbered. You need to eliminate the barriers and treat every communication as an opportunity. If you work for a company and want to make a difference right now try this.

Teach everyone in the company that they are marketers. All of them. Teach them that marketing and sales supports the company. It's not the other way around. Do that one thing now and your business is likely to explode – even in this economy. People will start thinking differently. Not all of them, of course. But, some of them will now see opportunity where before they were living in a bunker.

Turn them all into marketers. Lead them. And, then stand back and watch them lead each other.

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