Universal Time Zone PlugIn & Automatic Volume Stabilizer

I wanted to be able to set my DVR to record any program from my computer over the web. And, darn, if Verizon FIOS didn't go and make that available to me. And, I don't think I'm getting charged for this feature. Kudos to Verizon for making it available.

How about someone creating a volume stabilizer inside my digital television receiver? FOX and CBS both seem to think they need to increase the volume of all commercials in order to get our attention. I didn't think they were actually allowed to do that according to some FCC regulation. But, I heard that from my father back in the 60's so it was either urban legend or the lobbyists got it off the books.

So, how building an automatic volume compressor into the equipment. I don't want to have to buy some add-on and I don't need another piece of electronic gear. The digital receiver manufacturers should have it built it. And, I only need an off and on switch and it should only work on commercials. I like my home theater system to allow loud booms and bangs.

Unless of course, it's late at night and I want to watch Ironman but I don't want to wake everyone else up. Then I'll need a button that will stabilize all sound.

Megan M. from Austin is one time zone away from me. She's editing my book. Yes, I have a book coming out soon. That means Megan and I email and talk on the phone. She wants to know "Where's the universal plugin that automatically changes my time zone references to fit the time zone of the person reading my email?" Seems like a reasonable thing to create and a great idea. No more missed conference calls, teleconferences or webinars because of confusion about time zones.

And, the manufacturer could create a badge that goes on your web sites and emails letting people know that you are time zone neutral and all times are in "YOUR" time.

What do you want to make your life easier, more fun, more productive?

1 thought on “Universal Time Zone PlugIn & Automatic Volume Stabilizer”

  1. Plus, the folks adding the automatic volume compressors to their equipment can market it as a feature that allows you to turn the “boominess” on and off, to watch in loud dramatic movie situations or quiet “other people are sleeping” situations — they don’t even have to touch the issue about controlling sound in commercials. (Well, theoretically!)
    Or, we’ll have audio filters (or nanites) in our air conditioning installations that will moderate sound as it travels. (Then the AC folks will make a ton of money and the slow TV folks will wail and gnash their teeth.)
    For as little as I actually know about any of these things, I’m SURE I’ll hit on a winner sooner or later! ;}

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