Every once in awhile, I do something really dumb. Okay – all of you who know me well – stop laughing.

There was the time I blew up my hand with a tear gas grenade. I'm still missing part of a finger as a result. And, it happened in my parent's home when I was 19. See – dumb. And, I once took off landed a plane (Cessna 140 – great video) three times in a row whose engine quit running as I pulled up the nose. It had skis on it and there was lots of snow (and a few old corn stalks). After the third time I decided I'd better put it back in the hanger and see what was causing the problem. You'd have thought thought that I'd learn the first time – or at least the second.

And, then there was today. It started great with a four-mile walk. We're under a heat alert here and my computer sent me a message last night that said, "The combination of heat and humidity will create a situation in which heat related health problems can occur. If possible, stay in an air conditioned location. Avoid strenuous outdoor activities." I suppose it might have been dumb to push the walk today – but that wasn't it.

I then had a great phone call with some colleagues from WIN and Life Coach, Patricia Weeks shared some great tips with us. (I still haven't done the dumb thing.)

Next, I met on the phone and worked with a woman who is a Fellow from the WIN organization for an hour. I loved it!

It was after that though that I allowed dumb to grab me. I was so charged up after a great morning and I was looking forward to writing an EBook that I all but composed in my head on my morning walk. I could see the words and I was ready to put them on paper.

But, then I answered the phone and I allowed an energy vampire to come through the line and bite me.

The dumb thing is I knew it was a vampire and I answered the phone anyway. And, by the time I was done with that call, I felt drained – exhausted.

I bet you're a lot like me in that you like helping people. But, I hope you're not like me in that you keep trying to help the same people with the same problems over-and-over. I hate to give up. That's one of the problems with consulting. Too many people are looking for someone to cure them rather than a prescription that will lead to a solution.

To reach a solution – to solve a problem, grow a company, become better at sales – all these things take work. And, vampires don't like to work. Instead of creating their own life force they suck the energy out of other people. They whine and complain but never look in the mirror.

If they could they'd see the answer they need.

"I'm Starting With The Man In
The Mirror
I'm Asking Him To Change
His Ways
And No Message Could Have
Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World
A Better Place"

Michael Jackson

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