We Shall Hear Angels

I have many memories of Christmas Eve. Raised a Catholic, many are connected to singing in a choir at midnight mass and then being too tired to fall asleep wondering what we got for Christmas.

I also have memories of dressing like Santa (all 145 pounds of me then) and helping distribute toys and food on Christmas Eve to families chosen by the Salvation Army. I remember what it looks like to see a child's eyes light up when you hand them a doll or truck.

I've always been haunted by memories of visiting an orphanage that evening bringing gifts but being asked by a little girl if I'd please take her home with me. A home is what she really wanted.

Some years, I spent Christmas alone in foreign countries where I often tried to drink away the sadness I felt. Later on I learned you don't have to be halfway around the world to be alone. It happens to many people and they may be living right next door to you.

So, on this special night, perhaps you'll take the time to invite someone to join you and your family. Or, visit a shelter and drop off some blankets or food or money. The food banks are low this time of year and I bet you can still find one open that you can help.

If you attend church, maybe you can bring some food or a doll or a toy truck and leave it with the pastor after services. They'll know who to give it to.

It's a special night. I have faith that –

We shall find peace. We shall hear angels.
We shall see the sky sparkling with diamonds.

                                                         – Anton Chekhov

My best wishes for you and your family for a year of peace and hope.

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