What Gets Rewarded – Gets Done

Sometimes I enjoy sharing something fun or silly with you. This is one of those days – but with an actual management message. I've written before about management principles and that one of the most powerful is "What gets rewarded gets done." Well, it seems there is a goat in the UK that has learned that lesson very well.

"Darren the Waving Goat" discovered that by waving he could get more attention and more treats. The billy goat spent months mastering his trick after a group of youngsters who visited his enclosure first waved at him as they left.
To top it off, his influence is even rubbing off on fellow animals.

"All the other goats have worked out it gets him extra attention and food, so now they've started trying to copy him. He loves it," said White Post marketing manager Anthony Moore. Take a look for yourself.

And, the next time you're trying to understand an employee's behavior, look for the reward they are getting for it.

It will be there. You just have to look.

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