What If I Fail?

Are you playing it safe? Do you keep asking yourself, “What if I fail – what if this doesn’t work?”

You can’t run a business or sell effectively if you are afraid to fail. None of us are perfect. There are people who think they are but they spend their lives very unhappy when everyone and everything doesn’t meet their expectations.

Stop worrying about failure, stop worrying about the economy, stop worrying and get into the game. The best athletes in the world can lose a race by a fingernail or one false start. They strive for perfection but they don’t worry about it. Instead they have faith that they are going to be the best they can be that moment and if they lose they will get up and try again tomorrow.

The only sure thing in business is that you’ll win some and lose some. I can guarantee you’ll lose if you wait around for the “no fail” solution.

Are you ready to take the leap of faith? Go for it. And, if it doesn’t work out learn from it and start again tomorrow. That’s how you get to be the best. That’s how you win a gold medal.

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