What if You Never Got a New Client?

It might be the economy. It might be a huge change in technology, or the law, the demise of the Internet due to an energy crisis beyond any thing we can imagine. It might be something unexpected, or could be something unimaginable (Hurricane Katrina, an earthquake, war). It might mean you’re promoted, asked to maintain your current clients, but not acquire new ones. No matter what the rationale what would you do if you never got another new client? How would you keep the ones you have?

What if your income depended solely on keeping the clients you have now deliriously happy? What would you do? How would you start? Then think about this. The income you have now depends largely upon your doing just that. Twenty percent of our clients typically provide 80% of our income. Knowing how to keep the clients you have is more than just an intellectual exercise.

After my spectacular failures, I could not be satisfied with an ordinary success. ~Mason Cooley

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