What Is That Advertising Costing You?

Bigstockphoto_remote_252508I see so much advertising in local papers and TV that I just don’t understand. Can you track the results? Are you using a special offer or coupon or phone number so you can track the return on your investment? Most ads are “me too” that nobody pays any attention to these days.

We are bombarded by ever increasing channels of communication. People change the channel when they are interrupted by your ad. Create a relationship with them and don’t just tell them how you’re so much better than the competition. Get their permission to maintain contact. Provide value that THEY value. Stop participating in an adult version of show and tell and start asking questions. Listen to them. Respect them.

It’s a lot more work than telling your account rep to run that same ad again. But, it will set you apart from 95% of the competition.

What’s stopping you?

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