What Story Is Your Business Card Telling?

Lorna, from Ireland, suggested I do a posting on my thoughts about business cards. As luck would have it, I do have some of my own ideas about them. Some of them might sound strange to you. I'll let you be the judge.

Personally, I like having more than one business card design. I have the typical card that is designed horizontally with the typical information including phone, fax, address, logo, company tag line, email address and URL. These go to people who request it because they keep business cards in a standard file or system.

However, I also believe in being creative and getting your card noticed so I like to use both sides of the card. Dependent upon your business, this is a place where you can put a visual or written display about you or your company. It is amazing how small you can make type that can be read. You can have fun with this and tell a bit of your "story." Actually, just doing something fun and offbeat tells people some of your story.

Or, I sometimes use humor on the back side. I've had cartoons made that make people smile. I've also printed some full color with a photo that I've created on both sides.

I also like designing the card so it is vertical. And, I have done vertical on one side and horizontal on the other to satisfy the personalities who like things all the same (horizontal) and those who like creativity (vertical).

If you happen to be exceptionally good looking then I would recommend putting a professional photo of yourself on the card. Alas, you won't find any cards with my photo on them.

And, lastly, I now have one other type of business card that I use. When people ask me for a card, I reach into my pocket and pull out a "card" that I personally print on high quality paper using a photo printer. The "card" is about 3.5 x 4 inches and it always contains an image that I have created with some contact information. I create it in Photoshop so I can print one at a time and even customize it for events, companies, etc. 

People enjoy the photos and it is my belief they hang on to them. I also get their card at the same time. I follow up with a note telling them I enjoyed meeting them and I include one of my "normal" cards in the note. All that gives me the opportunity to continue building the relationship.

Your business card actually can say a lot about you. What is your card saying about you?

4 thoughts on “What Story Is Your Business Card Telling?”

  1. Using the back of the cards to add information or quotes is a great way to personalize your cards. Add quotes that make someone smile anytime they look at it. This will increase the number of emails you will receive from those who receive your cards/

  2. thanks Bob and Matt, great suggestions there, I feel now that I’ll be considering everything when making my final decisions. I won’t be adding my photo either!! Many thanks again

  3. Got a different type of card or one you really like? Or, maybe one you hate – that belongs to someone else, of course. Send it to me or scan and email. Perhaps we can have a contest for the best (or ugliest) card!

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