What The World Needs Now

We need more leaders. Real leaders – people who are willing to "be the change we wish to see in the world." Gandhi

We need leaders who have a dream and can communicate it to others who are willing to follow – to make the dream come true. We need leaders in our homes and schools who encourage and nurture the creativity of children so that we will continue to have leaders and not functional illiterates that too many of our schools now turn out.

We need leaders who don't look the other way when they see cheating,
lying, and stealing. We need leaders who don't believe it is okay
because "Everybody else does it." We need leaders of integrity who can stop the bleeding of the million tiny cuts to our collective soul.

In a country where a man can be crushed to death by people rushing to buy gifts to ostensibly celebrate a holiday of peace and love, we need leaders who can lead us away from greed.

We need business leaders who take responsibility for their actions. We need marketing leaders who use their talents to make life better by using the truth and by engendering trust with their clients and customers.

We need leaders who can and will change the world. They are out there. You may be one of them. We're waiting for you. And, the world needs you – now.

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