What Would It Be?

A friend and colleague, Megan Elizabeth Morris, and I have been discussing the answer to a question that stymies many people and is the cause for a lot of introspection and probably some interesting cocktail hours. We thought we'd put the question to friends like you to see what your answer might be.

Imagine that you could ask for anything in the whole world to enable to you to make a Big Difference, and it would be provided to you.

What would it be?

Many of us have dreams and aspirations that never get past the dreaming part. Other people find it easy to let go of the dream because we fill like we're missing something – the essential element. And, many more of us have trouble ever letting go but also never taking the action necessary to turn dreams into reality.

What could the world give you that would set you on the path to fulfilling great meaning in your life? To making change happen in the world around you, for the people you meet on the street every day? What have you been searching for, but not finding?

If you could ask for this thing… what would you ask for?

Share it with us and we'll share the "One Thing" that others say they need here in a future posting.

1 thought on “What Would It Be?”

  1. World Peace…..I always wanted to be a beauty pageant contestant!
    On a more serious note, probably more time to spend with family and friends, something we take too often for granted.

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