What Would You Do With $25 Million?

We've been discussing how technology has sped up our lives and has not fulfilled the promise of more time to pursue other activities and interests.

What if right now you had $25 million in liquid assets? What would you be doing differently than you're doing today? Would you buy more stuff? Would that fulfill you? You can't buy more time. You already have it all. So, what would you do? Maybe you'd quit you job. Then what would you do?

Think about it. I did today and I decided I'd laugh more and spend more time with people who crack me up. I'd look for more ways to volunteer to teach. I'd help out at an animal shelter. I came up with a half-dozen more and I wrote them all down.

Then I took a good look at the list and realized there isn't a single thing on it that I can't be doing right now. And, I don't need the $25 million in the bank to do it.

Please take 20 minutes when you read this and think about what you'd be doing differently. I bet if you think about the things that really matter you'll find that you don't need the $25 million to do them.

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