What’s An Idea Worth?

What's an idea worth? Is an extraordinary one worth more than a so-so one? Are they scarce or common place or in-between? Can you conjure up one when you need it? Or, do they sit out there right on the edge of your sub-conscious chortling at you as you try to coax them into the cognitive realm?

My experience is that they aren't worth spit if you don't do something with them. But, if you have the ability and the guts to kick an extraordinary one into motion, it will be life-changing for you and those around you.

I have a friend with one of the most fertile, creative minds I've ever met. And, she's giving her ideas away for free. Yep – FREE! She conducted her first "Free Idea Free For All Day" yesterday and it was a hit. I even got involved and got some feedback on copyrighting and some ideas for the future. 

Megan Elizabeth Morris is one of the really good people in the world. When you combine that with her intelligence, wit, humor and a willingness to listen first, you've got the makings of a really great idea collaborator.

I'm a lucky duck. I found her early. Now she's getting famous and her time is getting more and more scarce. (Well, actually she is a world famous Welsh opera singer but I'm not counting that.) She and I exchange maybe a dozen emails a day. And, almost all of them are idea related. There are lightning bolts coming from Austin (where she lives) when she gets the idea machine really humming which is a daily occurrence.

So, here's why I'm telling you all this. You can hire her for idea generation, idea blueprinting and idea consulting. And, on very rare occasions, idea implementation. You can also get ideas from her for free. And, if you're broke, she's got some ways to help you out there too. Like I said, she's a really good person.

Give her a look. Here's her new site. Stop in and visit and poke around a while. Sign up for her blog. It's educational, humorous and often irreverent to don't get your boxers in a bunch if she lets out with the occasional swear word.

By the way, not only did she edit one of the all time great sales books, "Listen First – Sell Later" which I wrote. (Yes, I'm having fun now!) But, Megan also recently gave me an idea for a brand new service that I'll be launching later this year. Can't tell you now. It is a secret.

Now, go and visit Megan. Here's some free resources. You can sign up for her blog here too.

It will all be worth your while.

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