What’s Holding You Back?

A few months back I had a conversation with a friend, Frank Dawson, about leadership. Or, I should say we discussed the lack of leadership in all areas of our lives. It is as if my generation of from the 60's and 70's had taken the concept of self-reliance to the extreme and leaders were thought of as being something bad.

Then a few weeks back, Seth Godin, another friend and the person called the world's greatest marketing mind, released a new book, Tribes, which is about groups of people who become tribes and the people who lead them.

At the same time, I watched the phenomenon that is Barack Obama and the tribe of millions that he assembled. This was a group who wanted to be led, who were predisposed to the right leader at the right time.

So, within a very short period of time, leadership has become important for me to write about as it relates to what you do as salespeople, marketers and small business owners.

The old way of marketing was to find a target market, craft a message that you felt would appeal to them and then deliver it using "interruption tactics" like advertising, direct marketing, and direct sales. That does not work well anymore. Consumers now market to each other. And, the best way to do that is with a tribe. A tribe is what Seth calls a self-selected group of people, often with a leader, usually with a purpose, always with a way of connecting with each other, a set or norms, insiders and outsiders. And ultimately, once they get a sense for who’s part of this group, they want to know who the leader is. Where are we going and who is going to take us there.

Think again of Obama's fund raising. His donations came from millions of people who had decided they wanted to be part of his tribe. Movements are what happens when a tribe grows, when the idea spreads, when it engulfs the status quo.

Seth says there are three ways to build a tribe:

  1. Find the lonely.
  2. Connect the seekers.
  3. Create a new one where none existed.

Sometimes you can invent a tribe – people who thought they had nothing in common, but discover they share a connection. (Obama again) But, most tribes are not created by those that lead them. They are merely organized around commonality that already exists.

And, this is very, very important for you to understand. "When you lead people who want to be led, and connect people who want to be connected, you win by serving." Seth Godin

Think about your marketing. Are you marketing things TO people, at them, are you targeting markets and focusing on throwing as much "stuff" at them as possible in order to produce sales? Or, do you spend time doing things FOR the tribe. It is a question of "For" vs. "To."

Lastly, the most important piece of advice Seth left me with is this – The only way to lead a tribe is to lead it. And that means that marketing is now about leadership, about challenging the status quo and about connecting people who can actually make a difference. If you can't do that, don't launch your site, your product, your non-profit or your career.

Are you part of a tribe? Are you leading your tribe? What's holding you back?

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