What’s Self-Esteem Got To Do With It?

Bigstockphoto_mr_nobody_1488366For many years, sales executives have hired psychologists, testing companies and other experts to help them determine the level of self-esteem in their sales candidates. Sales managers have always known that the higher the level of self-esteem in an individual the more apt they are to perform at a higher level. Truth is – this fact applies to life in general and not just sales ability.

The question then becomes one of how do you raise self-esteem? Can you help someone else do it? Can you do it for yourself? Can you just think that you have it and you’ll get it?

What if you could find a way “to deal with daily routine and exceptional circumstances; with varied and often tough personalities in your life; and to overcome the problems caused by pressure, unfamiliarity, and perceived threat.”

The above quote is from a description of the “New – Self-Esteem Workshop” being offered by Alan Weiss this December. Here are the details on the workshop.

The reason I am writing about it here is I know from personal experience that self-esteem is one of the most important keys to personal happiness – not just sales success. And, I call Alan Weiss both a friend and a mentor of mine. When he says he wants to help people with their self-esteem, I listen. And, I’m suggesting you might want to listen to him too.

And, no, I don’t have any financial incentive to write this. I’m just someone who has always sought out the best of the best as my teachers. I put Alan Weiss in that exclusive company.

By the way, I’m the bald guy in the front row of the top photo standing and clapping. If you get a chance to work with Alan, I can assure you that you will also be clapping.

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