What’s Your Avatar?

James Cameron was a 22-year old college dropout delivering school lunches when he had his epiphany and realized that he needed to create the greatest sci-fi, space alien movie ever. That was in 1977. Next month on December 18th he is betting over $250 Million that he's met the challenge with the release in theaters of Avatar.

Along the way he stopped delivering lunches and started learning the craft of movie making. First there was Terminator and then films like The Abyss (one of my all-time favorites), Aliens, True Lies, Terminator 2 and finally a little flick called Titanic.

And, then he went off to make Avatar – the one film that kept him awake at nights and that has driven him to remake both how movies are filmed and created and how we will see them in the theater. He wanted the movie to be in 3-D so he invented a new camera to get the results he envisioned. The computer power, hardware and software weren't even available when he began his quest. His team created the technology to allow the characters to actually look real by supply a visual record of each character they can map to each face. The list of things that would have stopped must people kept getting smaller and smaller.

When I was reading about Avatar and its making, I thought back to a few years ago when I picked up some books on sales and marketing. It was then that my Avatar hit me. I realized I needed to create my own book. And, so began my book writing journey which ended this spring with the publication of Listen First – Sell Later. Now, I'm working on a second book.

People often tell me they would like to write their own book, make their own movie, or start a new career. I tell them to go do it and ask them what is stopping them. And, then the reasons why they can't or won't begin to get listed. Often it comes down to time or money. Believe me – most entrepreneurs and dreamers who go on to create their dreams don't have any more time or money than you.

James Cameron didn't have any money 32 years ago either. He borrowed money to create his first movie that didn't go anywhere. But, it gave him a chance to work at what he loved. And, he kept learning and working and creating movies like Piranha II: The Spawning. He wasn't getting rich but he was doing what he loved. Then he had a powerful dream about an robot attacking a woman which he turned into Terminator. And, soon thereafter, money became a non-issue.

It doesn't have to be an issue for you either. There doesn't have to be anything between you and your dream – your own Avatar – that isn't of your own making.

Close your eyes. Clear your mind. What do you see in your heart?

What is your Avatar?

And, now, what are you going to do about it?

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