What’s Your Next Big Thing?

Facebook is 5 years old. Wow, how many times have you heard or read that this month. The actual date was February 3rd so you're late if you wanted to send a card.

I was surprised (but shouldn't have been) by the number of articles I read about the occasion in mainstream media. In fact, there were so many I found myself wondering what is the next big thing that will get people really excited.

I like Facebook. Young people moan that old people have taken it over. But, I think they secretly like the idea of having family part of the network. By the way, Time magazine's contribution to the birthday event was an article – Facebook Is for Old Fogies.

But, what's next? Are you a member of any private or public social networks created using Ning? They tend to be very specific like a network for people who love tea, or fairies and vampires, or Shih Tzus. I've created several for friends and clients and have been invited to join several more.

Will they be the new Facebook? Maybe they are the Spawn of Facebook. Or, does that sound like a really bad horror flick?

Personally, the next big thing I'm looking for is something mobile. It will be ubiquitous as a cell phone and as easy to use. The new wireless readers like the Kindle are a start. The new thing will be similar but it will be flexible and, eventually, fold-able. I'll be able to put in a pocket of my jeans without damaging it or my myself. And, it will deliver content, email, and even Facebook as seamlessly as television and on a "screen" that is magazine size.

I can't wait to use it. We're getting close. Flexible and fold-able might be a ways off. Oh, wait a minute.

What's your next big thing?

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