When Big Business Gets Worried

This is what they do.

  1. Cut back on sales and marketing. Pour money into print, radio and TV advertising.
  2. Reduce staff and let the others take up the slack. Employees will be happy to have a job and will keep their mouths shut.
  3. Stop any of the events you used to have for customers and employees (not executives though). They'll never miss that holiday party, annual appreciation day or golf outing. And, if they do, too bad. Times are tough.
  4. Raise your prices and squeeze people for every dollar. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there.
  5. Figure out a way to save money by reducing quality just a little bit. Nobody will ever notice.
  6. Tell your service people to drag their feet and push back on honoring warranties.
  7. If you get caught making something with a carcinogen or environmentally unfriendly, don't recall the product and make the customer whole. You can always pay some PhD enough to refute the findings.
  8. If your product happens to cause severe injuries (that darn quality thing) go into spin mode and lawyer up.
  9. Complain about the government interfering too much or not doing enough depending upon which ox is getting gored.
  10. Ask someone to bail you out if the previous nine ideas don't work. After all, you're too big too fail.

We need business leaders who are willing to not do these things. Leaders who have a new vision based on honor, integrity, equality, and justice. Leaders who take responsibility.

How about you? What kind of things are you doing with your business?

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